Easy – View, import, edit, print, and send DICOM studies to PACS/EHR
Fast – Visual editing to split/combine studies or add/remove images
“It just works”– Solves day-to-day PACS administration issues

GEARView QC is a simple and powerful Quality Control tool that makes day-to-day workflow easier for PACS administrators and technologists. GEARView QC provides intuitive functionality for viewing, importing, editing, printing, and sending DICOM studies to PACS/EHR. GEARView QC lets you fix common demographic errors in any DICOM field, as well as visually edit studies to split/combine exams or add/remove images.



Departmental Solutions


"With GEARView QC, we can fix things that we've never been able to fix before."


Ron Cornett
PACS Administrator
Radiology Ltd.
Tucson, AZ